Master of Ink Painting
1907 - 1987



Fan Chang Tien (1907 – 1987), the artist arrived in Singapore in 1956. Although a latecomer to the local arts scene amongst the pioneer generation of artists, Fan was instrumental in leading the development of Chinese ink painting in Singapore, laying a strong foundation for an entire generation of successful Chinese ink artists. Trained in Shanghai School of Art, excelling in Chinese ink-brush painting, he was an excellent art educator who evoked the creative instincts of his many students, firing their imagination as to what a simple brush and ink could do.

Symposiums were held to appreciate Fan's artwork and commerorate Fan’s contribution to Home and Abroad Art Society. Selected video recordings shown below.

2020 ArtCommune - Symposium - The Timeless Ink Heritage

2016 Art House - Symposium - Exhibition of Fan Chang Tien - Master of Ink Painting

2014 Art House - Symposium - The Literati Artist Book Launch