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The Timeless Ink Heritage - Fan Chang Tien Painting and Calligraphy Masterpiece Homecoming Exhibition

Chong Siak Ching/h4>

Chief Executive Officer, National Gallery Singapore

To the "Fan Chang Tien: Homecoming of a Heritage" Exhibition Committee,

On behalf of National Gallery Singapore, I would like to warmly congratulate you on the successful opening of Fan Chang Tien: Homecoming of a Heritage at the China International Cultural Exchange Centre in August 2019.

Mr Fan Chang Tien's lasting legacy within the development of ink art in Singapore is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the traditional principles of Chinese ink, and the key role that he played in the transmission of these ideals to his students. The 71 works by Mr Fan in the Gallery's collection developed with generous support from the artist and his family continue to spread his influence on future generations.

This exhibition in Beijing marks the important international recognition of Mr Fan as a master of ink, and reaffirms the artistic and cultural links between Singapore and China. National Gallery Singapore would like to offer our heartiest congratulations on the occasion of this important exhibition and wish you the greatest success.