Congratulations Messages

The Timeless Ink Heritage - Fan Chang Tien Painting and Calligraphy Masterpiece Homecoming Exhibition

Han Bi Xing

Meet once, unforgettable lifetime. I am very glad to learn that Mr. Fan Chang Tien's legacy will be exhibited in Singapore next month. First of all, congratulations.

I didn't know Mr. Fan Chang Tien before. The understanding of Mr. Fan mainly originated from the "The Timeless Ink Heritage" - Fan Chang Tien's Painting and Calligraphy Masterpiece Homecoming Exhibition held by the China-Singapore Friendship Association and China International Culture Exchange Centre in Beijing this September. I was invited to attend and appreciate his work. The exhibition displayed well rounded style of the master. Whether it is freehand flowers and birds or landscapes, the pictures are full of rhythm and liveliness, just like the celebrated painter Zhang Daqian said: “Simply elegant and neat in creating natural wonderfully”. It is convincing that his art of calligraphy and painting will surely be passing down as treasure in the human art repository for thousands of years, generation to generation.

Fan Chang Tien lived abroad for a long time, but never forgot where he came from and where his roots were. He promoted Chinese culture as a natural mission. He has offered free lessons for decades and has unreservedly imparted the essence of Shanghai style freehand to the majority of art lovers. He has established a new style for ink painting and is a model and pride among overseas Chinese. Mr. Fan is already full of peaches and peaches, and many disciples are also shining in the art world. The fact proves once again that Mr. Fan Chang Tien is a scholar of calligraphy and painting with great love.

Mr. Fan Chang Tien's art exhibition in China was a complete success, attracting more than 100 central media to report. His artistic value is taking boarder acceptance and appreciation by calligraphy and painting enthusiasts and connoisseurs. I believe that the late Mr. Fan's art exhibition in Singapore is bound to be a complete success and art is evergreen!

(Han Bi Xing, Member of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference)